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According to the Federal Reserve[1], the outstanding banknotes denominated in US Dollars (USD) amount to 750 billions.

According to the Bureau of the Public Debt[2], United States’ public debt amounts to 8,745 billion US Dollars.

Totaling 9,495 billion US Dollars.

The debt is increasing by 800 billion US Dollars each year.

The US Dollar collapse, with this situation, is worse than probable.

And, at this point, the more they will try to avoid it the worst it will be.

For everyone.

But the Euro can’t be the alternative currency.

According to the European Central Bank[3], the outstanding banknotes in Euros amount to 660 billions that will become 888 billions by the end of 2007.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development[4]  the public debt of the European Countries is more than 5,200 billion Euros.

Totaling 6,088 billion Euros, which at the current exchange rate are equal to 7,914 billion US Dollars.

By the way, two-thirds the banknotes in Euro are guaranteed by banknotes and securities denominated in Dollars.

That means that the US Dollar value loss would automatically reflect on the value loss (purchase power) of the Euro.

The alternative to the Dollar isn’t another legal tender currency but a real value currency.

Dhana ( was issued for this purpose, the only real value world currency, guaranteed since its first issue by capitals of enterprises for a nominal value par to a gram of platinum per one Dhana.

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February, 20th 2007


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