The personal security system is constituted from a very small

The personal security system consist of a tiny apparatus constantly connected to a net of intervention units that activate by receiving the message of a person in danger. The system provides 375,000 intervention units made up of twelve persons each turn, coordinated from area teams. In total the attaché's will be approximately five million and every connection to the system will have a cost that will go from 50 to 250 euro a year, depending on the range of interventions requested.

The total cost in order to set up the entire system is of approximately one hundred billions of euro and will be covered from how many have interest in its operation.

With this system it will be possible to bring help within six minutes from a danger warning. The attaché's must be trained specifically to the services they’ll have to carry out. Being a particularly stressful function, the plan provides a maximum period of permanence in the intervention units and guarantees to the attaché's a subsequent activity.