The via ether informative system derives from the Stellar plan, introduced in 1991. It previews the realization of an informative system via ether that allows us to obtain in real time the answer to any question that already has one. By means of apparatuses connected to a system of geostationary satellites, it will be possible to approach to a great quantity of information, continuously up-dated from the same customers. A centre constituted from manufactured of high log-pyramidal monolithic structure 150 meters high, with a base measuring 120x120 meters and the top 45x45 meters, the buried base of 180x180 meters, filled to a depth of approximately 18 meters under the ground. The structure will have a useful surface of beyond 340,000 square meters, with 42 floors and beyond 11,000 spaces, to use as offices and rooms for the employed staff. It will be completely autonomous and will be able to accommodate approximately 3,200 attaché's, coming from the entire world, with their families. The previewed cost is of four hundred million of Euro; half will be supported by public financing and half by private capitals. For this plan it has been constituted, already from 1991, an appropriate society that, in 1999, has been equipped of the capitals necessary to begin the realization of the plan.