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Monday, May 9, 2011.



I refer to the open letter of 29 April 2011, to say the following.

World's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011 will be equivalent to about 65 trillion U.S. Dollars, amounting to 77.7 trillion international Dollars PPP (purchasing power parity). The GDP will be produced for 6% by agriculture, 31% by industry and 63% by services.

At least trade and financial speculation represent two thirds of services. Therefore, the value of goods and services in the real economy does not exceed 58% of total GDP, about 37.7 trillion U.S. Dollars, amounting to 45 trillion international Dollars PPP.

The value of the money needed to exchange goods and services in the real economy is equivalent to about 13 trillion U.S. Dollars. The rest of the money in circulation is unnecessary and only leads to the loss of purchasing power of the same money.

All legal tender currencies have no real value and are easy payment obligations issued by the banking system. They are debts that no one will ever pay. These are the facts. And all forecasts indicate that soon there will be a monetary disaster, caused by excess money in circulation and by public debts.

The alternative cannot be a new legal tender, whether national, international or global. It would always be worthless currency. The alternative cannot even be to guarantee a currency with precious metals because on the planet there are not enough precious metals to ensure it.

The only alternative is a not legal tender currency, free, guaranteed by capitals of enterprises that produce real goods and services to meet human needs. Also this currency needs goods for reference. If we compare the currency to the platinum, 13 trillion U.S. Dollars correspond today to the value of 228 billion grams of platinum. An amount of metal that does not exist but which serves as a reference.

And here is Dhana, the currency of the Republic of the Earth. Dhana is a world currency as an alternative to legal tender. It is a fully guaranteed currency since the issuance. It is the currency of the work, issued on behalf of those who work and produce. It represents the future work necessary to produce the goods and services that will be exchanged for the same money.

On June 14, 2001 the first six billion Dhana were issued, guaranteed by a lien on capital firm with a nominal value of 150 billion Euros, 25 Euro for one Dhana. Then, to escape the steady loss of purchasing power of the Euro, the reference to the Euro has been replaced by platinum. Since that time, Dhana has been guaranteed since its issuance by capitals with a nominal value equal to one gram of platinum per Dhana.

Every inhabitant of the planet, at least 16 years of age, are assigned 100 Dhana, behind the only reimbursement of the cost of issuing or with the commitment to provide 100 hours of work in one or more times within five years from the date of assignment.

The reimbursement of the cost of issue is different for each country in proportion to the average national income per capita, while the commitment to provide 100 hours of work applies to all countries.

Up till now, 378 billion Dhana have been issued. The last issue was made March 18, 2007. On March 6, 2008, the price of platinum reached the price of 72.2 U.S. Dollars per gram and was necessary to adjust the value of funds placed at Dhana guarantee with that value. Since then, security has remained unchanged. This means that today, with the price of platinum at 57.2 U.S. Dollars per gram, Dhana is guaranteed by capitals for a value equivalent to 1.26 grams of platinum.

To avoid the loss of purchasing power of Dhana has been established a maximum unsurpassed issuance. This limitation ensures the steady increase in the purchasing power of money. No more than 100 Dhana for each grantee can be issued, plus 5% to be devoted solely to humanitarian initiatives. So, no more than 500 billion Dhana for assigning and more than 25 billion Dhana for humanitarian initiatives can be issued. In total, 525 billion Dhana.

This amount is more than twice the value needed to trade in goods and services of the real economy. The Dhana not used to trade (525 billion less 228 billion, equal to 297 billion), may be used for new productive investment and to clear the public debts.

To achieve this, we must complete the allocation of Dhana issued (378 billion) and complete the issue of Dhana (525 billion), determine the acceptance of payment in Dhana to the credit of state and allocate part of Dhana assigned to new investment and part to eliminating the public debts.

In the interest of all inhabitants of the planet, all this can be done in a few months, If there is awareness and a willingness to do so. Everything else is just empty word with which you can try to leave things as they are, but it's no possible.

We are at a crucial time in human history. We are already falling, even if we do not notice it yet because we have not hit the bottom but we must understand that if it happens, the situation would be irreversible because of hysteresis.

All together, rulers and ruled, rich and poor, educated and uneducated we become aware of the situation, or do we predict the risk of our extinction. This perspective is shown by simulations carried out according to quantum mechanics applied to the socio-economic and environment. Now or maybe never.

The Republic of the Earth and Dhana are two initiatives of Holos Global System program.

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I remain at your disposal for any clarification.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi

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