Questions about Dhana

What is Dhana?


Dhana is the currency of the Republic of the Earth. It is a world-wide, guaranteed, universal, productive, strong, sure, real, convertible currency.

What is meant by world-wide currency?

Currency represents goods. It is a unit of value measure and medium of exchange. The world-wide currency is a medium of exchange recognized all over the planet. The first world-wide currency was gold. Until a decade, all currencies were convertible in gold. Then the amount of coins in circulation exceeded the amount of gold. Today, the states and the central banks together have reserves of approximately 200,000 tons of gold. The coins in circulation represent 75 million tons of gold, 375 times the reserves. The gold reserves guarantee therefore only 0.266% (2.66 per thousand) of the value of the outstanding monetary mass. Gold remained world-wide currency because is it still recognized as a medium of exchange all over the planet. But, in practice, it has been replaced with coins almost without any real value. For this reason it was necessary to institute a currency that had an equal real value to the nominal value. Dhana.

What is meant by guaranteed?

The guarantee of a currency is constituted by the value of its monetary base, that is the value it represents. Dhana is entirely guaranteed by capital quotas of companies. The monetary base of Dhana is the capital of companies. Dhana represents therefore capital of enterprises.

Why is Dhana universal?

Because it can be accepted as payment by all the inhabitants of the Earth, independent of the states and the national coins.

Is it the currency of all currencies?

No. Dhana does not represent other currency but quotas of the real value of the assets of the enterprises that is guarantees.

Why is it a productive currency?

In the first place because it represents productive enterprises. In the second place, because the introduction of Dhana is necessary in order to increase production.

Is Dhana assigned without payment?

Yes, who receives Dhana reimburses only the cost of emission, calculated proportionally to the average wealth of every country.

Why is Dhana a strong currency?

The force of a currency depends on how much is guaranteed. Dhana is the only currency entirely guaranteed, therefore it is the strongest currency.

Dhana is safe?

The composition of notes and the metals is secret. Every coin has a small inimitable defect that renders it recognizable to a particular instrument of control.

Why is Dhana a real currency?

First because it represents recognized real values and not hypothetical ones. second because it is founded on the real economy not on the virtual one or financial institution.

Is Dhana convertibile?

Yes. Dhana can be converted either in other currencies or in capital shares of who guarantees it.

How much Dhana has been emitted?

The first emission is of 6 billion Dhana, guaranteed by a capital of 150 billion Euro. The second emission is of 34 billion Dhana, guaranteed by a capital of 850 billions of Euro. In total 100 Dhana will be emitted for every inhabitant of the Earth over the age of 16, nearly 500 billion Dhana, equivalent to 12,500 billions Euro/Dollars, less than a quarter of the produced world-wide wealth in a year.

How does Dhana work?

Like whichever currency that is accepted as payment. Who receives payments in Dhana, satisfied with Dhana. It is sufficient to explain what is Dhana to who receives it.

Is Dhana a legal course currency?


The legal course of currencies and coins is adopted in order to impose the acceptance of currency lacking in the declared nominal value. Dhana does not have need of being forced because it has an identical real value to the nominal value. Therefore Dhana will never have imposed legal course but its acceptance in payment will be free and voluntary.

With Dhana will we all become rich?

No. With Dhana there will be less poor, because 100 Dhana is assigned to every inhabitants of the planet, independently from what they have now. This will produce more jobs and therefore more wealth for everybody.

How has the capital that guarantees Dhana been found?

Substantially, the society that has guaranteed the emission of the first six billion Dhana has acquired social participation paid directly by third which have received in exchange of shares to the bearer of the same society that has acquired the participation.

Has it been a complex operation?

No, the operation has been simple, observing the laws of the countries of the European Union in which the subjects has operated.

Who are the bearers of the actions?

The choice to emit a new currency by a different subject from the states and the central banks is due to the will of some holders of capital who are aware of the situation of more then six billion inhabitants of the planet and believe that it must change. Therefore they have decided to take part and have accepted the cost of renouncing large capital in order to generate a new founded economic process based on the parity of initial resources.

Will Dhana be used while all the other currency exist?

Obviously not being able to instantly replace the existing monetary mass, the idea has been accepted to divide the new currency in equal parts amongst those who want to use it, in the conviction that, if it proves valid, the new process could be copied and dhana will progressively be able to replace all other currency

Who are those that have accepted to assign capital to Dhana?

Taking note of what was started before, naturally the question mark of the result exist. This question mark had however to be the only risk. Therefore it has been operated legally in order to assure complete distinction between the society and its associates and in order to assure the free destination of the capitals who guarantees Dhana.

What is the origin of the capital?

The capital comes from profit. The operations of the societies and their associates have been verified by the responsible institutions and have been declared as regular.

It is an enormous capital!

It is a capital relatively low compared to the requirements, for this reason it has been decided to assign the first six billion Dhana to sixty million people.

Which relationship exists between Dhana and the Republic of the Earth?

The Republic of the Earth is a system of government between the inhabitants of the planet, therefore a political instrument. Dhana is the currency emitted by the Republic of the Earth, therefore an economic instrument in order to realize the first of its objectives, that is to redistribute wealth. They are two different instruments with the same aims.

Which risks are run by those who accept payments in Dhana?

None, because it is a guaranteed currency with constant value, currently based on the Euro but in future, with the successive emissions, also based on other main currencies.

Are 100 Dhana per person not a very little amount ?

In 2002, the BCE (European Central bank) put a value of 665 billion Euro for 300 million citizens, approximately 2,200 Euro per person, while 100 Dhana correspond to 2,500 Euro.