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April 29, 2011



My name is Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

I am responsible for the organization and resources of the Holos Global System.

I am writing this open letter in the belief to represent the needs and aspirations of all peoples of the planet.

The letter, with all relevant information, is published on

I begin with the current state of the humanity and the entire biosphere.

As we all know, the world is a complex system that includes many complex subsystems.

A complex system, from the smallest to largest, is made up of many parts that interact with each other.

More interaction, more complexity.

The universe is the most complex because it includes many complex subsystems.

The human being is the smallest subsystem more complex than we know.

Humanity, made ​​up of all human beings, is a subsystem even more complex.

The terrestrial biosphere, consisting of all living beings, is even more complex.

The Earth as a whole is even more complex: in it, all living things interact with each other and with the inanimate parties.

Every complex system is usually in an unstable equilibrium, the so-called rim or edge of chaos.

But it can happen that a complex system enters into a state of stable disequilibrium.

In this case, is in chaos.

It is a dangerous situation which can lead to the extinction of mankind and the destruction of the planet.

To exit from the chaos and return to the brink of chaos, a phase transition is necessary.

With new rules, new behaviours and new interactions, unknown to the previous stage.

Today, humanity and the whole planet is in chaos.

The causes are different, some are natural and other man-made, that is caused by us.

The physical research explains how changing the effects you can remove the causes that provoked them.

But to address the situation of a complex system need complex solutions.

Albert Einstein said it can be simplified as much as possible but no more.

From this consideration arises Holos Global System, a program of concrete initiatives to be implemented in each country to face the most felt and urgent problems of humanity and its planet.

Energy, water, food, health, culture, social communication, production, economy, labour and employment, means of production, wealth, consumption, services, environment, finance, economy, market, information technology, security, circulation, credit, conflicts, pure and applied scientific research, social, civic and political organization, money and cause of death are the themes of which is handled by the program.

They are part of the Holos Global System the Republic of the Earth and Dhana.

The Republic of the Earth is a system of democratic government of world citizens and their groups to live in peace as best as possible.

Dhana is a free currency fully guaranteed by capitals of enterprises for a value equivalent to one gram of platinum per Dhana.

To carry out the Holos Global System program have been made available significant resources (money for an amount equivalent to over 22 trillion euro and capital of enterprise for an amount equivalent to about 21 trillion dollars to guarantee Dhana) to three conditions:

1) guarantee of absolute anonymity of donors until the program is not realized;

2) resources used exclusively to implement the program and not to provoke the need to achieve it;

3) guarantee of the exclusion of any diversion of resources and their refund if they were not used to implement the program.

Balaloka (world security system), Planet Inhabitants Fund, Kyberpay (multicurrency payment system), Earth Inhabitants Justice Authority, Parasparam (investment company of the real economy) and Bhumandala integrate the program.

All this to improve the existing and transform the structure of the human system by the hierarchy to conarchy, so that every human being is in a position to meet their own needs and have the maximum possible development, following the principle that there can be no peace without truth and there can be no freedom without justice.

I turn to you, because you are, now, the leading exponents of human society.

We can not continue to pretend that there are no problems.

You can not address problems with the same methods that are causing them.

We need a shock, a real universal change.

The new course can be led by those who have more resources, culture and power, or it will born spontaneously by the people.

The activities envisaged by this program are needed, possible, just and therefore useful.

If we do not, it is because I have not managed to make myself understood.

I hope this letter will serve.

I remain at your disposal for any clarification.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi

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