Article 1 – Company name – Joint-stock company named «Parasparam» is set up.
Article 2 – Seat – The company’s main offices are in a place exempt from any state’s jurisdiction. The carrying out of the company’s activities follows national laws in the territories it operates in and international law.
Article 3 – Duration – The company’s duration is indeterminate.
Article 4 – Mission – The company’s aim is to contribute actively to the concrete carry-ing out of the economic initiatives provided by the Holos Global System program.
Article 5 – Activity – The company can operate exclusively in real economy and there-fore carry out, also through other enterprises, every economic and financial activity related with the production of goods and services necessary to satisfy real human needs.
Article 6 – Capital – The company’s capital is twenty five billion Dhana, equivalent to a value of twenty five billion grams of fine platinum. The capital is divided in two hun-dred and fifty million anonymous shares to the bearer with a unitary nominal value of one hundred Dhana. Shares can be transferred freely.
Article 7 – Sharers – Natural and juridical persons, private or public sharing the com-pany’s mission can take part in it, in an absolutely anonymous way. The sharers are required the underwriting and payment of at least one share of the company’s capital.
Article 8 – Governance – A general board made of one director for every twenty mil-lion people on the planet on the date of election governs the company. Directors are elected for six years by the sharers through data communication. Each sharer dis-poses of one vote, who receives more votes is elected. The general board elects the president and eleven vice-presidents of the company, which form the executive com-mittee. The general board can substitute the president and one or more vice presi-dents through the majority of the votes. The executive committee decides through the majority of its components and holds full power on the company’s management.
Article 9 – Information – The information, news and publications about the company, its running and its choices is viewable on www.parasparam.com.
Article 10 – Reports - The executive committee decides the publication of a daily re-port that must carry briefly the statement of assets and liabilities of the company.