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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am writing this last letter to all heads of state and government, representatives of political parties and trade unions, culture, science, technology, economics, finance, religion, humanitarian organizations and civil society each country.

The original letter is in Italian, the language of Dante, Leonardo, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo, Volta, Meucci, Fermi and De Pretto, who first realized by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Iíve had it translated into English for your convenience and it will be published with several links on www.wgov/mex3.htm.

I know each of you. Some of you have economic power, political power even more. No matter if your power comes from the will of the people or not what matters is that the future depends on you.

Iíll start from reality. Iíll state some basic knowledge of science. Before the beginning there was only energy without space and time. We can imagine the pure energy as the independent thought from the mind and brain from which it derives. Once it is generated, the thought exists, and it is power. The pure energy without space and time is not created but exists in itself, and it is one, undivided. It is still inside and outside of us.

About 13.7 billion years ago, a singular phenomenon that will soon be explained, pure energy comes first and then the space-time. The energy waves that form in the space to take a certain speed and mass are transformed into matter. First hydrogen, then two hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium. Then two helium atoms fuse to form beryllium. Finally, an atom of beryllium and an atom of helium fuse together and form carbon, the element from which life is born.

The Earth formed 4.55 billion years ago. Vaalbara is the first super continent, from 3.6 billion to 2.8 billion years ago. Rodinia is the second, from 1.1 billion to 750 million years ago. Pannotia is the third, from 650 million to 540 million years ago. Pangaea, surrounded by the only ocean Panthalassa, formed 250 million. It is the last super continent that 180 million years ago broke into two masses: Laurasia (Europe, Asia and North America) and Gondwana (South America, Africa and Oceania).

From Laurasia and Gondwana the current continents were created 50 million years ago. About 150 million years ago, the continents begin to move closer, during the next100 million years the future super continent will form, like a big donut that geologists call Bagel.

I did not want to give you a lesson in physics or geography. I'm not able nor is that the purpose of this letter. I just wanted to remind you where we came from and all that, according to the physical changes resulting from the merger and division causing involution.

Now you know the situation in which humanity is facing the entire planet. We are in chaos and we're going down. All the simulations show that by the end of 2012, the situation becomes irreversible. The rest is just false hope and illusion. Useless!

To avoid chaos we need to act. But what to do and how? Everyone wants to live freely and develop in peace to fight for their own happiness. Instead we are always at war and we are not free, neither those who dominate nor are dominated. Because there is no peace without truth and no freedom without justice.

Thus, two basic solutions to be adopted are truth and justice. Tell the truth you know and if it is not enough, keep studying. Establish justice. It means recognizing that everyone deserves in proportion to the energy it takes. Adopt currency with real value. No matter what, the important thing is that it is not worthless. Call it what you will: dinar, credit, time, labour, wealth, or otherwise. The important thing is that donít use it to deceive people.

The resources you have, if not enough, I can offer more. Billions of people who want to live better, overcome prejudice and selfishness, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So, you change and save us all. I think you should have only one fear: the revenge of the truth.

I propose a meeting. We can do 13 to 21 August 2011, in Kismayo, Somalia, in the face of Bajuni Islands, in the middle of the diagonal between the extreme limits of the land. It will be an opportunity to establish set times and ways to implement possible solutions and effective, without ceremony and rites.

Whoever wants to, can participate. Safely. Come in person, accompanied by those who are interested. To arrange a meeting, please respond by 10 June 2011, indicating the number of people attending. Iím writing to you personally so I prefer to receive a replay directly from the recipient of this letter.

It is the latest attempt to do with you not because I donít want but because the situation in the future will not allow it anymore. It is predictable and demonstrable, this will happen!

Best regards.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi

+39 335 5367580

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